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Few topics evoke more groans and eye rolling from software engineers and Web developers than the dreaded "TESTING." Testing falls into the same category as documentation, refactoring code, dusting, and visiting the dentist. Put it off until the last minute, do as little as possible, do it quickly, and move on to something else. I must confess that I have the same visceral reaction to the thought of 'testing' as others do. Consequently, I approached the prospect of reviewing a testing tool with the loathing of visiting the dentist. I was very relieved to discover that Parasoft's SOAtest 5.0 took a lot of the pain, frustration, and busy work out of the testing experience. Parasoft's SOAtest 5.0 is a comprehensive testing and analysis tool suite tailored to the unique testing and validation needs of Service Oriented Architectures. It supports functional testing, scenari... (more)

Real Value in Cloud Computing

I have officially come full circle from my position last summer regarding the reality of Cloud Clomputing in which I presented a skeptical view of Cloud's potential to actually materialize.  It is now quite apparent to me and increasingly to my clients and readers, that Cloud is real and it is here to stay.  I was reminded of this reality just this morning.  As I read through various news stories online, I came across the following fascinating story from Fortune Small Business - Cloud Computing: Supercomputers for Hire. The article clearly articulates a real life value proposition... (more)

I passed the TOGAF cert, and all I got was this lousy piece of paper…

Fog a mirror? Check.  Study and pass the TOGAF certification? Check.  Congratulations, you are now an architect.  Wait, what? If you have ever wondered what the TOGAF certification gets you (or any cert for that matter), you may be disappointed to discover that it does not grant you preferred seating at restaurants, airline upgrades, or even a guarantee of employment.  All you definitely get is a piece of paper (or more likely a PDF that you could choose to print on a piece of paper in the event that you hate trees).  I have written previously about the speculative value of arch... (more)

The journey of a thousand miles in architecture education begins with one step – TOGAF 9 training

OK, so maybe TOGAF education (currently, TOGAF 9.1 is the latest version) is not exactly what Lao Tzu had in mind when describing the importance of taking initiative toward completing a monumental task, but it certainly is an apt metaphor. Reason #1 – The field of architecture is broad and deep There are multiple architecture methods (Zachman, TOGAF, FEAF, DoDAF, MoDAF, TRAK, etc.) There are multiple modeling standards (UML, Archimate, SysML, etc.) There are multiple architecture styles (SOA, MDM, MOM, EAI, etc.) There are various architecture modeling tools (Sparx EA, Magic Dra... (more)

Move over Reliability, Resilience has arrived

[This article was originally written as a guest post for Puppet Labs and published at their blog on January 9th, 2014.] If you haven’t yet noticed that prioritization of non-functional requirements (NFRs) is changing amongst your user base, you will soon. For decades, we have held to the same familiar set of NFRs. Every team had its own definition and particular spin on NFRs, but the usual suspects are accessibility, availability, extensibility, interoperability, maintainability, performance, reliability, scalability, security, and usability. But new priorities have surfaced, a... (more)